Adjustable Fork Mounted Hooks

  • Up to 5000kg capacity
  • Completely adjustable along the fork blade (except taper)

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The Adjustable Fork Mounted Hook's from Invicta Attachments provides a quick and cost effective method for lifting and positioning of unpalletized loads. You are able to use the hooks in multiple lifting positions by the correct positioning of the attachments along the fork blades. The Fork Mounted hooks are completely adjustable along the fork blade (except for the taper). All of the hooks come supplied with a single swivel hook and a bow shackle to suit the desired WLL. 

  • Maximum fork sections of 150x60mm at 355mm centres.
  • Zinc plated twist screws for safe attachment to the forks.
  • Painted bright orange for safety.

Model Capacity (kg) Weight (kg) C Of G (mm)
IAH-1.0 1000 16 125
IAH-1.5 1500 18 125
IAH-2.0 2000 20 125
IAH-2.5 2500 21 125
IAH-3.0 3000 24 125
IAH-4.0 4000 26 125
IAH-5.0 5000 29 125


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