Adjustable Pallet Crane Forks

  • Up to 2000kg capacity 
  • Choose 1000mm or 1200mm fork lengths
  • Fully self-balancing
  • Available with Restraint Net

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The Adjustable Pallet Crane Forks efficiently convert an overhead crane into a pallet moving tool. There are many applications where forklift trucks cannot operate due to a lack of floor space, for example, high-rise developments. These cranes forks are equipped with adjustable forks, height-adjustable and an automatic balancing system along with a pre-fitted safety net (net supplied separately). 


Made in Italy

Standard features:

  • Spring Loaded self-balancing head 
  • Safety net frame
  • Adjustable height - clear height 1200-1900mm 
  • Adjustable fork widths 
  • Convenient hand holds
  • Painted bright orange for safety

Optional features:

  • Safety net

Model Fork Length (mm) Fork Cross Section (mm) Fork Opening Range (mm) Overall Height (mm) Weight (kg) Load Capacity (kg)
MBRA-20-A 1000 100x35 300-1000 1800-2500 170 2000
MBRA-20-B 1200 100x35 300-1000 1800-2500 170 2000