Camlok is the established industry brand for UK Made Lifting Clamps, Plate Clamps and other items of lifting equipment.

Designed for intense use in fabrication plants, factories, warehouses, ports and docks, on construction sites, railheads and repair and service facilities around the world, the Camlok plate clamps and related products are the number one choice throughout the market.

When you buy Camlok Lifting Clamps you not only buy quality, you buy service and commitment. Because these clamps are manufactured in the UK this enables a constant supply of spare parts and components ready to be shipped to you immediately in the time of need, while other manufacturers have long lead times or no access to spare parts which results in increased down-time and this can be extrememly costly. Camlok understand that their products are vital to many production lines and endevour to provide only the best service.

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  1. Camlok DC500 Drum Clamp

    £199.69 £166.41
  2. Camlok DBT300 Drum Grab

    £2,009.35 £1,674.46
  3. Camlok CX 'Hinged' Vertical Pl...

    As low as £594.90 £495.75
  4. Camlok TBG/TST Block Grabs

    As low as £951.68 £793.07
  5. Camlok DBV300 Drum grab

    £1,594.73 £1,328.94
  6. Camlok 300kg TJC 'Twin Jaw' Ve...

    As low as £438.20 £365.17
  7. Camlok CY Hinged Vertical Plate Lifting ...

    As low as £324.49 £270.41
  8. Camlok CZ Heavy Duty Vertical Plate Lift...

    As low as £431.27 £359.39
  9. Camlok DA/DAF 'Low headroom' d...

    As low as £581.04 £484.20
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