“Engineering and manufacturing excellence without compromise”

The Crosby Group has garnered a strong reputation in the manufacture and shipping of products that are today renowned for their durability, reliability, and exceptional quality.

Crosby are a name synonymous in the lifting world, delivering unrivalled rigging equipment including shackles, hooks, and slings to clamps, sheave blocks, and rope fittings.

Favoured throughout the rigging industry and insisted upon by many, Crosby are a well-recognised manufacturer with a reputation that stretches across the globe.

For over 120 years, the Crosby brand has continuously evolved, constantly innovating products courtesy of their superior levels of technology, and simple drive to be the best.

Crosby is a brand you can trust!

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  1. Crosby S-281 Web Sling Shackle

    As low as £27.88 £23.23
  2. Crosby G-2130CT Cold Tuff Shackles

    As low as £264.18 £220.15
  3. Crosby G-2169 Alloy Screw Pin Wide Body ...

    As low as £36.72 £30.60
  4. Crosby G-209R ROV Shackle With D Or F St...

    As low as £140.50 £117.08
  5. Crosby G-209R ROV Shackle

    As low as £144.28 £120.23
  6. Crosby S-209T Theatrical Black Shackles

    As low as £8.96 £7.47
  7. Crosby G-2130A Alloy Bolt Type Shackles ...

    As low as £17.71 £14.76
  8. Crosby G-209A Alloy Screw Pin Shackles

    As low as £18.00 £15.00
  9. Crosby G-210 Screw Pin Chain Shackles

    As low as £8.50 £7.08
  10. Crosby G-2130 Bolt Type Anchor Shackles

    As low as £11.27 £9.39
  11. Crosby G2150 Bolt Type Anchor Shackles

    As low as £11.04 £9.20
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