GRABO is the brainchild of Nemo Power Tools, a company who have grown to be synonymous with developing professional power tools, with premium benefits, for various industries.

Now distributing in over 45 countries across the globe, GRABO are committed to innovation, continuously delivering quality, unrivalled products.

Taking on board feedback from both clients and distributors, GRABO have gained a clear understanding of customer needs, which has allowed them to focus on creating a world-first product,

The GRABO Electric Vacuum Lifter is a handheld, portable, and battery-powered device that utilises vacuum suction technology to securely grip and lift objects such as tiles, glass, stone, and other heavy materials.

It has been designed to increase productivity and efficiency in industries such as construction, renovation, and interior design, through simplifying the handling of heavy objects, reducing the risks of damage and injury.



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