Haacon are a premium German manufacturer, specialising in the production of high-quality lifting technology and material handling equipment such as lifting jacks, wire rope winches, sluice gate drives, and commercial vehicle equipment.

Competitively prices, Haacon offers an unusual combination of premier products at truly affordable prices.

Haacon is recognised for its commitment to engineering excellence, product durability, and safety, with their lifting equipment designed with precision and attention to detail, adhering to industry standards and regulations, always ensuring the highest levels of quality and performance.

The German company’s dedication to quality has earned them the title of a globally trusted and reputable brand in the lifting and material handling arena.


Haacon RANGE

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  1. Container Moving Sets

    As low as £13,076.80 £10,897.33
  2. Container Lifting Jacks

    As low as £16,457.59 £13,714.66
  3. Cable Drum Jack

    £1,968.00 £1,640.00
  4. Car Body Jack

    £2,548.80 £2,124.00
  5. Container Leveling Jacks

    As low as £2,706.00 £2,255.00
  6. Container Support Jacks

    As low as £1,559.06 £1,299.22
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