Favoured throughout the hire industry for their heavy-duty construction equipment, Italian company IMER Group has been a prominent player in the construction machinery industry for several decades.

The manufacturer is known for its focus on quality, durability, and innovation, incorporating advanced technologies and engineering solutions, combined with outstanding performance and efficiency. IMER’s product line covers a wide spectrum of construction equipment, from small portable mixers to large-scale construction machinery utilised in industrial and infrastructure projects.

In particular, the IMER hoist range is designed to withstand the heavy hands of construction workers, while maintaining simplicity. Utilising the latest technology, IMER has ensured that their hoists are service friendly and safe to use outdoors with their suitable IP ratings.

Not only do we supply IMER scaffold hoists and accessories, but we also provide full operator and installation training at your desired location. For further information and training costs, please contact our dedicated Sales Team.



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