KITO are a leading Japanese manufacturer of hoists and associated lifting equipment, combining a strong dedication to development, with the latest technologies to secure a place above all competition.

Founded in 1932, KITO is today renowned for its product durability, safety features, and advanced technologies that are a mainstay in industries such as construction, manufacturing, logistics, and automotive – to name just a few.

KITO hoists are designed for professional industrial applications, where only the best of the best will do. In fact, many users consider KITO as their only choice for situations where only the utmost reliable and long-lasting hoists are needed.

KITO stands for unsurpassed quality, maximum safety and excellent service.

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  1. Grade 10 Spare Centre Pin & Bush

    As low as £3.38 £2.82
  2. Grade 10 Spare Clevis Load & Retaini...

    As low as £7.48 £6.23
  3. Grade 10 Spare Safety Catch Kit

    As low as £7.99 £6.66
  4. Grade 10 Spare Locking System

    As low as £12.79 £10.66
  5. Grade 10 Chain Tag

    As low as £2.47 £2.06
  6. Premium Grade 8 DNV Quad Master Link Ass...

    As low as £67.10 £55.92
  7. Premium Grade 8 DNV Master Link

    As low as £33.17 £27.64
  8. Grade 10 Eye Foundry Hook

    As low as £28.03 £23.36
  9. Grade 10 Ball Bearing Swivel Locking Hoo...

    As low as £102.49 £85.41
  10. Premium Grade 8 Fram Quad Master Link As...

    As low as £70.15 £58.46
  11. Premium Grade 8 Swivel Self Locking Hook...

    As low as £64.67 £53.89
  12. Premium Grade 8 Fram Pipe Hook

    £360.19 £300.16
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