Part of Midlands-Based George Taylor Lifting Products, LiftKing lifting slings hold an unmatched reputation within the lifting industry, thanks to their superb quality that is regarded as ‘second to none.’

Well-known for their aggressive pricing without any compromise on quality, consistent innovation and investment in research and development over a number of years has resulted in the perfection of the LK product line.

We have access to huge stocks on the shelves, we can offer super fast delivery when it you it most, reducing your downtime, while increasing your productivity.

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Liftking RANGE

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  1. Liftking Webbing Slings 20,000kg

    As low as £197.21 £164.34
  2. Liftking Webbing Slings 12,000kg

    As low as £133.91 £111.59
  3. Liftking Webbing Slings 10,000kg

    As low as £44.29 £36.91
  4. Liftking Webbing Slings 8,000kg

    As low as £34.08 £28.40
  5. Liftking Webbing Slings 6,000kg

    As low as £24.48 £20.40
  6. Liftking Round Slings BLACK

    As low as £2.54 £2.12
  7. Liftking Round Slings 20,000kg

    As low as £52.39 £43.66
  8. Liftking Webbing Slings 5,000kg

    As low as £13.25 £11.04
  9. Liftking Round Slings 15,000kg

    As low as £186.30 £155.25
  10. Liftking Webbing Slings 4,000kg

    As low as £9.19 £7.66
  11. Liftking Round Slings 12,000kg

    As low as £57.28 £47.73
  12. Liftking Webbing Slings 3,000kg

    As low as £5.75 £4.79
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