French company Pronal are pioneers in the lifting industry, designing and manufacturing lifting bags for a wide range of applications, particularly for industrial and maintenance operations.

At the top of the game for more than 50 years, their range of flexible products, such as air lifting bags, have been specifically designed to provide a versatile and efficient solution for lifting and handling heavy loads in diverse environments.

Pronal pneumatic (air) lifting bags are produced from polyurethane coated fabrics, welded by high-frequency welding processes, or rubber-coated fabric vulcanised under high pressure or vacuum in an autoclave. This enables Pronal to offer custom solutions for most applications.

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  1. Pronal Pressure Regulator

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  2. Pronal Pneumatic Hose- Blue

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  3. Pronal CLT Pneumatic Inflatable Jack Air...

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  4. Pronal Pneumatic Hose- Red

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  5. Pronal CPF Inflatable Jack Air Lifting B...

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