In operation for more than 140 years, the RUD Group are considered to be the best of the best in the manufacture of premium lifting and lashing points, chain slings, and components.

Founded in Germany, RUD are well-renowned globally for their impressive range of products, with over 500 lifting and lashing point variations available, capacity of bolting and welding capacities from 0.6 to 200 tonnes.

RUD are recognised for their innovative approach to designed, continuously investing in research and development, in order to create a range of solutions that address the evolving needs of many industries, bringing together advanced technologies in conjunction with optimal safety, efficiency, and productivity.

RUD – Tradition in Dynamic Innovation



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  1. RUD VLBG-PLUS Load Ring Metric Thread Ma...

    As low as £111.29 £92.74
  2. RUD VLBG-PLUS Load Ring Metric Thread

    As low as £91.62 £76.35
  3. RUD VLBS Ring

    As low as £26.05 £21.71
  4. RUD VLBS-U-LT, Load Ring, Especially For...

    As low as £60.80 £50.67
  5. RUD WPPH-VIP Powerpoint, Direct VIP Chai...

    As low as £35.58 £29.65
  6. RUD RM Eye Nut, Pipe Thread EN 2281-1

    As low as £1,789.72 £1,491.43
  7. RUD RM Eye Nut, BSW Whitworth Thread

    As low as £2,674.28 £2,228.57
  8. RUD WPPH-B Powerpoint Ring Connection

    As low as £52.40 £43.67
  9. RUD WPPH-S Powerpoint Universal Connecti...

    As low as £70.44 £58.70
  10. RUD RM Eye Nut, UNC Thread

    As low as £872.75 £727.29
  11. RUD RM Eye Nut, Metric Fine Thread

    As low as £102.77 £85.64
  12. RUD WPP-B Powerpoint Ring Connection

    As low as £92.35 £76.96
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