Industry-leading British company Straightpoint specialise in the design and manufacture of high-quality force measurement, load monitoring, and suspended weighing load cell technologies.

The company offers a wide range of innovative products and solutions, catering for a vast array of industries from construction, shipping, oil & gas, and manufacturing.

Embracing the traditional British engineering ethos, Straightpoint are today regarded as simply ‘one of the best’ in the field, meticulously crafting advanced solutions such as Crane scales, Load Cells, Load Shackles , Wireless Load Monitoring Equipment

And at LES, we are proud to offer the entire range!


Straightpoint RANGE

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  1. Straightpoint Wireless And Cabled Digita...

    As low as £631.20 £526.00
  2. Straightpoint Loadblock Plus

    As low as £1,352.40 £1,127.00
  3. Straightpoint S Beam Load Cell

    As low as £1,058.40 £882.00
  4. Straightpoint Load pin

    As low as £1,335.60 £1,113.00
  5. Straightpoint Compression Load cell

    As low as £594.00 £495.00
  6. Straightpoint Wirelink Plus Tension Load...

    As low as £1,057.20 £881.00
  7. Straightpoint Loadlink Plus Load Cell

    As low as £1,587.60 £1,323.00
  8. Straightpoint Running Line Dynamometer

    As low as £10,987.08 £9,155.90
  9. Straightpoint Wireless Compression Load ...

    As low as £1,944.00 £1,620.00
  10. StraightPoint Wireless Loadshackle

    As low as £1,826.40 £1,522.00
  11. Straightpoint Clamp On Line Tensionmeter

    £3,940.80 £3,284.00
  12. Straightpoint Towcell Towbar Load Cell

    £1,890.00 £1,575.00
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