Camlok LJ 'Non-Marking' Plate Clamps

  • Designed for lifting steel, iron, aluminium, wood etc
  • Non-marking
  • 500kg or 1500kg WLL

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Camlok LJ "Non-Marking' Plate Clamps

These clamps have been specially designed and manufactured by Camlok for the transportation, turning or lifting of steel plates, iron, stainless steel, wood, aluminum etc. Their unique design enables the clamps to do this without any damage or leaving indentations on the surface of the item being lifted. Not only this, but these clamps can be used for plates with very hard surfaces.

The 'LJ' model offers the user 2 different pad types for their clamps depending on the material they're lifting:

(please select which material option you require when ordering. If you aren't 100% sure, please feel free to contact our sales team who will be happy to point you in the right direction)

This model also offers the user a choice of 2 capacities:
(i) LJ 500 - 500kg Capacity
(ii) LJ1500 - 1500 Capacity

Please select which model you require when ordering.

When purchasing these clamps you have no long term worries either, they are completely service friendly. Parts are readily available meaning it's easy to buy/install parts when bits may start to look worn instead of replacing the whole clamp! 

  • Available in 110v or 230v 1phase and also 400v 3phase to suit every application
  • Upper and lower limit switches as standard
  • 48v ergonomic pendant control rated to IP65 as standard
  • Thermal overload protection- this helps avoid damage to the motor if used beyond the duty rating (perfect for the hire industry)
  • FEM Classification 2m (50% duty = 30 minutes continuous use per hour)
  • Motor Classificiation H4
  • Compact unit provides great closed height dimensions giving optimal headroom
  • Lifetime lubricated gearbox contributes to exceptional service and maintenance characteristics
  • Load hook with axial bearing
  • Large frame single phase hoists provided with handles for easy transportation to and from site
  • Single phase units supplied with 1m supply cable and Cee-Form plug

Model WLL
LJ 500 25-500 0-10 127 200 50  52 69 86.5 76 13 20 3.5
LJ 1500 180-1500 0-20 215 345 85 75 135 131 118 20 24 12

* per clamp     **weight per clamp

*Please note: When lifting with these clamps ensure all oil, grease & liquid is removed from the material first!