Camlok TSB Non Marking 'Friction' Plate Clamps

  • Non-marking friction plate clamps
  • Designed for lifting/turning of plate material
  • 350/750/1250kg capacities available
  • Can be used with concrete, wood, stone and hardened steel
  • High quality made in the UK

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TSB Non-Marking 'Friction' Plate Clamps with Chain

These clamps have been specifically engineered by Camlok for the lifting and transporting of plate material and have been designed to do so without damaging or scratching the material being lifted. Due to its large jaw capacity they are not very restricted in terms of their load material and can therefore be used on a wide range of applications.

As highlighted, the main feature of these clamps is that they are non-marking and this is facilitated through the process of friction. The clamps feature a special material on the jaw and the pad that is similar to that found in brake linings, this allows them to grip the material and hold it without damage.

These clamps can also be used for the lifting, transportation and turning of materials such as stone, concrete, wood and hardened steel. 

Not only are these clamps extremely useful and flexible, they are also service friendly. This means spare parts are readily available and part exchange is easy.

3 Models are available in the TSB range. The functions of each are identical, the only thing that differs are the dimensions & capacities of each. Please specify which product you require when ordering! (see below for tech specs)

(i) TSB 350/65 (Capacity 20-350kg)
(ii) TSB 750/65 (Capacity 40-750kg)
(iii) TSB 1250/65 (Capacity 125-1250kg)

Model WLL
Jaw Capacity
TSB 350/65 20-350 0-65 270 260 128 100 65 78 8
TSB 1250/65 125-1250 0-65 270 260 128 100 65 78 12

*Please Note: Remove all oil,  grease  and liquid from material prior to lifting!