Clamp Around Column Over-Braced 250kg Stainless Steel Jib Crane

  • SWL: 250kg
  • Arm length: 2m to 6m
  • Manufactured from Stainless Steel
  • Clamp Around Column design
  • Over-braced profile

Estimated Lead Time to Dispatch

3-4 Weeks
As low as £2,674.80 £2,229.00
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An increasingly popular item with our happy customers, thanks to their shorter lead times and lower prices than our competition, the LES Jib Crane portfolio continues to grow.


This clamp around column jib crane is available in a variety of lifting capacities from 80kg to 1000kg (search Jib Crane in our search bar function for the full range) with arm lengths from 2m to 6m.


Manufactured in Stainless steel, which is notorious for its high sanitation properties, ideal for pharmaceutical and food & beverage settings, and excellent protection in harsh environments where resistance to rust and corrosion is essential, such as water-based applications, this series is your perfect partner for lifting those heavy loads with peace of mind of added protection – both in- and outdoors.


Each of our over-braced column clamp jib cranes are assembled with a smooth and reliably running integrated push trolley, designed to accommodate a hoist, vacuum lifter or tool balancer – simply hook or shackle into place and you’re away.




To make your life as easy as possible, LES can arrange installation of your chosen jib crane, anywhere in the UK, in any environment. Interested in looking into our Installation Package? Why not contact our specialist jib crane teams on 01384 567430 to talk you through your options.



We understand that the selection process can often be daunting, so to make it as seamless as possible for you, we are now offering the most suitable electric or manual chain hoist as an option. We’ve done the calculations for your, and we’re positive you’ll be happy with our choice.


If you opt for the electric chain hoist, you will be receiving a Yale CPV – a best-in-class motorised 400v three-phase chain hoist with ‘dual speed’ renowned for its quality, durability and aesthetically pleasing appearance.


LES can also offer systems with a lifting capability of up to 5T with larger arms upon request. Why not contact us today with your enquiry.


By selecting the Manual Hoist option, you will be kitted out with a Yale VSIII Hand Chain Hoist new and improved to help prevent tilting or jamming, leading to smooth running. EN818-7 rated, this hoist is manufactured with high-quality bearings, gearbox and load chain sheave to guarantee reliable, efficient, and safe operation.


In addition, as a further option, we are offering the accompanying hoist electric set-up, once again providing you with peace of mind that you’re getting a kit that is perfectly suited to work efficiently when erected.


But don’t forget that you can also choose a hoist of your own, why not browse our range online, or contact our expert sales team to discuss your options.



  • Identify the lifting capacity, arm length, and overall height of your jib crane
  • Selecting your Chain Hoist Option – No, Yes – electric, or Yes - manual
  • An integrated push trolley is fitted as standard, so there’s no need to add this as an extra
  • Add to Basket
  • Check out and await delivery of your Jib Crane system in as little as 10 days


How easy is that, and don’t forget, if you have any questions, drop us a line and we’ll give you the answers.


What's included in your purchase?

1 x Jib Crane: specified as above

1 x Hoist (electric, manual or no hoist): by choosing any hoist this includes a push-travel manual beam trolley for I-beam jibs, whilst over-braced channel profile jibs feature an integrated trolley eye for improved traverse

1 x Electrical power feed system (festoon system): this is only required if you purchase an electric chain hoist with your jib crane, if you choose a manual hoist you can exclude this


PLEASE NOTE: PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE – These prices are accurate as of 11/05/2022 but due to the global steel market may fluctuate at any given time. We will continue to update these prices as when advised and aim to maintain accurate pricing. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Sales Team for more information & quotations.

  • SWL: 250kg
  • Arm length: 2m to 6m
  • Manufactured from Stainless Steel
  • Over-Braced Profile
  • Clamp around fixed column design

PLEASE NOTE: Stainless Steel version only available in 80kg, 125kg and 250kg