Demag DCM Manulift Electric Chain Hoist

The DCM Manulift electric chain hoist is a winner for those wishing to operate close and efficiently near the load to ensure a steady lift. Its also an all in one bottom load hook and pendant control (operation controls). Highly useful in the glass industry. 

The Demag DCM Manulift has several useful optional extras including shaft grippers, box grippers and container grippers for use in production lines, these hoists are very efficient and built for heavy duty operation*.

Suitable for use with Jib Cranes of several variations (and not just Demag Jibs).

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The weight saving light and robust aluminum casing is complemented by UV protection and scratch resistant powder-coated finish. The bottom block can be up to 1000kg on a single fall of load chain (anything larger is on two falls of load chain -see electric chain hoists page for explanation of falls of load chain)

The maintenance free gearbox can remain free from maintenance is used correctly for up to 10 years! Featuring FEM classification group of mechanisms Demag 2m+. The raises the bar and has set the standard for all hoists to come. A rated service life of 1900 operating hours at full load capacity. Simplified, this means that the service life is extended by 20%. The specially designed gearbox also reduced noise exerted from the hoist unit.

Maintenance free Brake can remain maintenance free for up to 10 years on some models. Models DC 10-25 can remain free from maintenance for up to 5 years. A result of this minimum wear and tear to the brake adjustment is not necessary.

Maintenance free Slipping Clutch up to ten years. Located behind the brake, it provides reliable protection against extreme overload. The integrated speed monitoring system ensures that permanent slipping damage is not possible.

Accessories & Attachments available.

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  • Minimal installation effort means more efficient production for the users.
  • 20% longer service life and efficiency thanks to new Demag technology.
  • Fast and ergonomic adjustment of the pendant control (low voltage)
  • Two sizes of suspension bracket allows for superb flexability
  • Maintenance smooth gearbox and clutch for up to 10 years!
  • Two speed lifting option for those applications that require a slow hoisting speed
  • Plug fitted chain drive is easily replaced if required.