Drop Bottom Skip (Forklift)

  • Easily dispense waste into larger bins and skips via the base release mechanism
  • The operator does not have to leave their cab
  • Actuator plates automatically release the bottom when positioned on the side of a skip
  • Zinc-plated heel pins
  • 125mm Nylon castors as standard
  • Internally reinforced sides

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Our Bottom Empty Skip provides a simplistic and effective approach to waste disposal on-site and is even handy for use inside warehouses and workshops thanks to the 125mm nylon castors that are fitted as standard.


Easy to operate the Bottom Empty Skip forklift attachment is securely fastened to your existing forks via the zink-plated heel pins to ensure you can tilt and tip without the risk of the attachment leaving the forks unintentionally. Once positioned on the forks the operator simply drives the bin up to the side of the larger skip and lowers the back few inches of the bin (just behind the wheels, you can see it in the image if you look closely) on to the side of the skip, this will push up the actuator lever which releases the bottom of the skip and dispenses the load. The best part? The driver doesn't need to leave the cab to unload! When lowering the bin back down to the ground the driver can also manipulate the closing of the bottom, again without the need to leave the cab.

Model Capacity (kg) Weight (kg) C of G (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Nominal Capacity (m3)
IBE-1 550 212 385 850 1050 900 (Add 270mm to height to give overall skip height) 0.8
IBE-2 750 255 500 1050 1200 900 (Add 270mm to height to give overall skip height) 1.2
IBE-3 950 287 500 1050 1500 900 (Add 270mm to height to give overall skip height) 1.45