Drum Sling Chains With Grabs

  • 1000kg Double Leg Drum Lifting Slings.
  • Ideal for lifting and handling drums on one or two legs.
  • 1m EWL (bearing to bearing)
  • Chain is grade 80
  • Grabs confirm to EN818

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 The LES Drum Sling With Grabs is ideal for lifting drums and barrels using an overhead crane, forklift, engine crane or similarly suitable hoist. Can be used to lift, turn or tip steel drums up to 1000kg.

  • Can be used with a crane, hoist or suitable lifting machine.
  • Can be used to lift drums vertically.
  • Can be used to lift single or two drums with one leg each at the same time.
  • Can be used to tilt, lift or turn drums.
  • Mechanical grab mechanism securely fits to drum rim for safe transportation of steel drums.
  • Lift large or small steel drums without a lid.
  • EWL: 1m long (bearing to bearing)


*Please note Forklift attachment is not included*