Eichinger Premium Block Grab

  • 1600 or 1800kg capacity
  • 800mm or 1000mm internal height
  • For lifting block type loads
  • Mechanical operation
  • For use with forklifts and cranes
  • Jaw width 400-1150mm
  • Optional safety net

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The Eichinger Block Grab boasts premium quality and a solid 1600kg-1800kg lifting capacity with optional models offering varying internal heights between either 800mm or 1000mm for different sized loads. Available with or without a safety net.

Manufactured to be safe, robust and efficient, the Eichinger Block Grab out-performs exceptionally in competition with standard market Block Grabs. In terms of safety and innovation- this grab is best-in-class. Easily hook up to a forklift, hoist or crane with suitable load capacity and easily lift heavy block loads on-site and in the yard. Specifically designed for the British market to lift palletised brick loads that have been securely pre-banded or wrapped before their journey, but with the ability to be utilised for lifting concrete blocks and slabs, steel loads, block paving and kerbstones.

The automatic open/closed device enables safe and secure operation by a single operator which allows for easy stacking and unstacking of bricks and blocks. Complete with hard rubber lined jaws, the Eichinger Block Grab is designed to minimise load damage.

  • Automatic open/close functionality
  • Single man operation
  • Robust and safe
  • Built for the UK construction market
  • Two models available
  • Fast delivery direct to site
  • Jaw width 400-1150mm

Model SWL Internal Height Jaw Width Weight
1083.80 1800kg 800mm 400-1150mm 200kg
1083.100 1600kg 1000mm 400-1150mm 215kg