Forklift Access Platforms

  • Up to 250kg capacity
  • Fitted with 2 harness points
  • Spring loaded side gate or lift up bar
  • Fitted with heel pins
  • Fitted with 2 grab personell handles
  • 2 Person capacity

Forklift Access Platforms provide a safety cage environment for a wide range of maintenance and inspection applications to be carried out. With the reassurance that they have been manufactured in accordance with HSE document PM28 4th Edition, you can be confident when purchasing your access cage from LES.


The platforms are available with a lift up gate on the IAP-6 model which is essentially a bar that is not welded, but instead secured to the structed using couplers which allows for movement to allow entry/exit. Alternatively choose an automatic locking and unlocking gate (most popular) on the IAP-7 and IAP-8 models which is spring loaded for added convenience, the most favoured advantage of this is that it does not require the user to bend underneath any bars to get out. The Access platforms also feature a hinged back guard so that the platform can be stored and transported with ease. There are two safety harness attachment rings that are welded to the access platform for added safety which allow for a secure and reliable connection from harness to platform. An innovative foot strut is located on the underside of the platform to prevent unintentional opening of the automatic gate when raised off the ground, in addition to this the unit can be used in the wet and rainy weather thansk to the anti-slip floor and self draining system. Two ergonomic grab handles provide each user a stable holding point.


Ideal For:

  • Stock taking
  • Emergency maintenance

Model Personal Access  No Of Persons (max) Platform Size LxWxH (mm) Capacity (kg) Weight (kg) C Of G (mm)
IAP-6 Lift Up Bar 2 950x950x2120 250 102 525
IAP-7 Side Gate (Atomatic) 2 950x950x2120 250 104 525
IAP-8 Side Gate (Atomatic) 2 1250x950x2120 250 125 585