Forklift Skip Compactor

  • Compact skips and bins with this forklift skip compactor
  • 1000kg or 2000kg sizes
  • Can create around 30-45% extra skip space when your efficiently compacted
  • Adjustable height for up to 8ft deep skips
  • Zinc-plated heel pins lock the attachment to the forks
  • Painted bright orange

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2-3 Days
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Our Forklift Skip Compactor offers a solution to successfully compact waste and increases skip/bin efficiency by around 30-45%! 

Proudly manufactured in the UK to the highest standard, this bright orange skip compactor will flatten the biggest of loads. Sizes up to 2000kg.

Model Weight (kg) C of G (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
ISC-1 1000 390 800 1500 320
ISC-2 2000 390 800 1500 600