HTS ECO-Jack S-Series 3,000kg Hydraulic Toe Jack

  • Safe Lifting Capacity: 3,000kg
  • Lifting Height: 140mm
  • 225° rotating pump
  • Weighs only 15kg
  • Patented lifting claw
  • Precision milled components

Estimated Lead Time to Dispatch

1 day

German engineering at its finest is showcased right here with the ECO-Jack S-Series Hydraulic Toe Jack from HTS.


Expertly manufactured to stringent testing procedures, the EJ30-5S Hydraulic Toe-Jack boasts an exceptional payload capacity of 3,000kg (3 Tonnes), making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Due to the brilliantly sophisticated design and use of high-grade materials, this unit weighs in at only 15kg and requires very little, once a year, maintenance.


Perfectly combining high resistant and exceptional quality materials with precision milled guides means that operators are only ever guaranteed precise lifting and lowering motions, across the long lifecycle of the product.


Fitted with strong and robust swiveling legs to ensure safe lifting processes, as well as prevention of tipping, the ECO-Jack features an integrated hand-operated valve allowing for easy and precise control whilst lowering.


In addition, the ECO-Jack is built with a patented lifting claw. This user-friendly one-hand lifting claw ensures the safe lifting of heavy goods. With an easily adjustable positional height, used with a single hand, there’s no need to locate through any awkward angles.


And that’s not all… a drip-free male hose coupler enables users to attach an external hand or electric hydraulic pump should it be required.


Finally, this hydraulic unit is ultra-flexible, with a 225° rotating pump, with the side-mounted grab handles allowing for a 100% pump stroke from any position.