Imer Tipping Bucket

  • Imer Builders Hoist Buckets up to 120 Litres and 200kg
  • Tipping Bucket with rear handle
  • Perfectly combined with Imer Scaffold Hoists

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The Imer wedge-shaped tipping bucket is ideal for lifting materials, debris, mortar etc. in conjunction with your existing Imer hoist.

Simply attach with using the welded lifting point and go!
Fitted with a rear handle for steady and precise operation.

Capacity Litres Capacity Kg Weight
45 150 13
90 200 20
120 200kg 26


Model Max. Capacity Width Length Height Weight
45L 150kg 400mm 450mm 300mm 12kg
90L 200kg 400mm 660mm 385mm 15kg
120L 300kg 460mm 780mm 430mm 19kg