Kratos Lightweight Retractable Webbing Fall Arrest Block

  • Length - 2.5m
  • Vertical use only
  • Webbing - 50mm
  • Max weight - 100kg
  • 3 options available

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Imagine working at height and having a small % of doubt or concern...

Certainly not something we would want, that's why we offer the very best in height safety....KRATOS!

Specifically, the Kratos lightweight retractable webbing fall arrest block.

Produced to the relevant standards (EN 360) issued with all relevant documentation and certification you can rest assured that this emphasises confidence and trust at height!

With the risk of working at height ever more safety orientated we only offer products with the user at the very forefront, the Kratos lightweight retractable webbing fall arrest block does just this, guaranteeing the impact of the human body to 6kN maximum if a fall occurs is a huge safety element and one that we are sure will be of interest to those placing their very lives in the hands of these products!

Setting up

Attachment is simple and is achieved through the swivel fall indicator or scaffold hook, once you are anchored it is time to attach your harness using one of two options: Karabiner / Snap Hook both incredibly easy to attach and secure. Now you are anchored and attached you can go ahead and attach straight to your harness.

Please see some recommended harnesses and lanyards that can be teamed with this block to provide the perfect kit for you to safely work at height. 




Available in 3 variations we are confident you will find the right one for you so you can begin working at height with ultimate trust and peace of mind in the correct equipment.

Boasting an impressive 100kg max weight whilst remaining under 2kg in unit weight, this block helps to symbolise the phrase small but mighty.

For further assistance please speak to a member of our team. 

With three options available, this block offers you the user the ability to select the block to meet your specific needs: 


Beginning at the very anchorage point you will find the swivel fall indicator, the purpose of this indicator is to identify to the user the condition of this block. Displaying either a green or red band helps to identify to the user of any falls that have occurred on this block. 

Green - Safe to use no falls have occurred          Red - A fall has occurred equipment must be removed from service.

FA 20 300 02 offers a Karabiner attachment, with a screw gate opening the user simply screws down the thread to open up the karabiner offering attachment to the relevant harness, now attached the user screws back up the karabiner thus securing the karabiner shut. 

FA 20 301 02 offers a Snap hook attachment, this hook has a spring-loaded system meaning the hook remains shut until the user wishes to open. 

FA 20 303 02 differs to the two other blocks, offering a scaffold hook anchorage. Again very simple to anchor here by pressing the rear of the hook flush thus releasing the safety trigger, this will now allow the hook to be opened therefore allowing anchorage to your desired location. Similar to the FA 20 301 02 this block is equipped with a snap hook attachment fitted with a spring-loaded system keeping the hook shut unless the user wishes to open it. 

  • Requires visual inspection BUT does not require annual servicing


Max Weight


Unit weight

FA 203 000 2 (Screw Gate Attachment)




FA 203 010 2 (Snap Hook Attachment)




FA 203 030 2 (Scaffold Hook & Snap Hook)