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Davit Cranes are the ultimate choice if you’re in the market for a diverse, cost-effective, efficient, and user-friendly solution.

Our range of Davit Arm Cranes includes the latest portable models, designed specifically for easy installation and transportation, anywhere around your facility. From 350kg right up to 1,000kg (1 Tonne) lifting capacities, many of our Portable Davit Arms can be operated by a single user, with zero tools required – significantly improving your productivity.

We also sell an extensive range of bases (Flush, top, side, wall, and bridge-mounted), as well as socket extensions, meaning that regardless of the task you need to undertake, and what type of environment you’re working in, we have a Davit Crane to suit your needs – available to purchase online today, with rapid dispatch.

Davit Cranes RANGE

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  1. REID Lifting Flush-Mount Davit Socket

    As low as £126.84 £105.70
  2. Reid Lifting Top-Mounted Davit Socket

    As low as £211.39 £176.16
  3. REID Lifting Bridge-Mount Davit Socket

    As low as £211.39 £176.16
  4. REID Lifting Side-Mounted Davit Socket

    As low as £211.39 £176.16
  5. REID Davit Socket Extensions

    As low as £597.34 £497.78
  6. Reid Lifting PortaDavit 500kg Mobile Dav...

    As low as £1,464.88 £1,220.73
  7. Reid Lifting PortaDavit 1000kg Mobile Da...

    As low as £1,464.88 £1,220.73
  8. Reid Lifting PortaDavit Quantum 500-600k...

    As low as £1,711.18 £1,425.98
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We often receive calls from customers asking what’s the difference between a Davit and a Jib. Although it may seem that they have many similar characteristics, in truth, there isn’t much passed the fact they are both used for lifting and lowering loads.

Here are just a few of the distinguishing features of a Davit Arm, and why it might just be a better choice for you.

  • When mounting a Davit, just six inches of reinforced concrete (or other suitable foundation) is required.
  • Increase flexibility thanks to the telescopic boom with adjustable angles.
  • Highly customisable with a range of finishes, sockets, and extensions.
  • Safe rotation away from loads increases safety
  • Easier operation as the winch is located at the back of Davit rather than a hoist attached to the load.
  • Lighter and more portable than a Swing Jib.
  • More suitable for longer distance lifts, as a wire rope hoist lifts faster than a conventional chain hoist.

Both Davit and Jib Crane are highly useful pieces of kit, for a wide range of heavy lifting tasks, but for those up to 1 Tonne, a the functionality, portability, and adjustability of a Davit Arm can more often than not outweigh the higher costs and rigidity of a Swing Arm Crane.

If you would like to discuss your situation with one of our fully trained and technical Sales Team, give us a call or drop us an email, and we’ll help you make the most informed decision.

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