Van & Lorry Cranes


Van and Lorry Cranes have been designed to make light work of a wide range of lifting scenarios, so much so that these situations are now deemed too complicated without the aid of such a device.

Braced about the van or lorry floor, just above the ceiling, van cranes can be used for lifting loads of up to 500kg per crane – depending on model. In addition, they boast a large electronically controlled arm that can reach up to 1150mm out of your van.

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  1. Mad EasyLoad Van and Lorry Crane 250kg

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  2. Mad EasyLoad Van and Lorry Crane 500kg

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Also known as a van-mounted or truck-mounted crane, these are a type of mobile crane that is mounted on the chassis of your van or truck.

Designed to be easily transported and accessible, across a wide range of sites, they are highly mobile and exceptionally versatile. Typically, these cranes are mounted on the bed of the van, allowing it to be driven to any location and enables quick set-up of your lifting and hoisting operations.

Commonly utilised in construction and maintenance operations, where the need for heavy lifting is often prevalent, van-mounted cranes are especially useful in situations where a permanent crane installation is not practical or cost-effective.

Van/Lorry Cranes boast a compact profile, and are capable of reaching various heights and distances, with lifting capacities varying depending on model. May variants feature telescoping booms, hydraulic controls, and stabilisers for enhanced safety and efficiency during you lifting operations.