Weld On Lifting Points


Weld-On Lifting Points are the perfect solution for applications where screw type lifting points and eyebolts cannot be used.

As with all our of ranges of lifting points, we aim to bring you the best products, from the world’s best manufacturers, to ensure that your lifting processes can be undertaken proficiently and safely – expect to find quality products from Cartec, RUD, Yale, and many more.

Weld On Lifting Points RANGE

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  1. Rectangular Deck Plates

    As low as £8.10 £6.75
  2. Grade 80 Weld on D Ring

    As low as £8.90 £7.42
  3. RUD VLBS Weld On Block

    As low as £10.36 £8.63
  4. RUD VLBS Ring

    As low as £26.05 £21.71
  5. RUD ABA Lifting Point For Welding

    As low as £29.54 £24.62
  6. RUD VLBS Load Ring For Welding

    As low as £30.67 £25.56
  7. RUD L-ABA Lashing Point For Welding

    As low as £30.94 £25.78
  8. RUD LPW Lashing Point For Welding

    As low as £32.50 £27.08
  9. RUD WPPH-VIP Powerpoint, Direct VIP Chai...

    As low as £35.58 £29.65
  10. RUD VLBS Load Ring For Welding On Pipes

    As low as £43.62 £36.35
  11. RUD WPPH-B Powerpoint Ring Connection

    As low as £52.40 £43.67
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A weld-on lifting point – sometimes referred to as a weld-on lifting lug or lifting eye – is a type of attachment that is welded onto a structure or other piece of equipment to provide a secure point for lifting with a crane, hoist, or other device.

Most commonly used in construction, manufacturing, and transportation, weld-on lifting points typically consist of a sturdy metal loop/eye that is specifically designed to withstand the forces associated with lifting heavy loads. The attachment is welded on to a flat surface to create a fixed point from which lifting can take place.

Available in various shapes and sizes to suit different applications, weld-on lifting lugs are conventionally manufactured from heavy-duty material such a carbon steel or alloy steel, providing them with suitable strength and durability to handle a wide range of industrial environments and harsh conditions.


We recommend that you follow proper welding procedures and ensure that the welding process is performed only by qualified personnel in order to guarantee optimal strength and integrity of your chosen weld-on lifting eye.

Furthermore, the design and safe working capacity of the chosen lifting point should be seriously considered prior to purchase, and should also comply with relevant safety standards and regulations to ensure safe lifting operations.