Bow Shackles


All Bow Shackles supplied by Lifting Equipment Store has been manufactured to the strictest quality standards. We take pride in only supplying recognisably certified equipment to give you total peace of mind when choosing the correct Bow Shackle.

Our range is very extensive, from screw collar to safety nut fastening, square head to sunken hole, stainless steel to galvanised, and even specialist theatrical versions - You won’t find a better selection of Bow Type Shackles anywhere else online.

Sometimes referred to as ‘Omega Shackles’, Bow Shackles are designed with a larger bow in comparison to a Dee Shackle, providing a bigger surface area for attachments, such as slings and crane hooks, to sit that would otherwise not fit on a regular Dee Shackle.

For further information and help finding the correct Bow Shackles for your application, please feel free to contact a member of our friendly Sales Team who will be happy to assist.

Bow Shackles RANGE

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  1. Blue Pin Standard Bow Shackles With Scre...

    As low as £1.36 £1.13
  2. Blue Pin Standard Safety Pin Bow Shackle...

    As low as £1.66 £1.38
  3. Green Pin Standard Bow Shackles With Scr...

    As low as £3.47 £2.89
  4. Green Pin Bow Shackles With Safety Pin

    As low as £4.26 £3.55
  5. Self Colour Large Bow Shackles BS3032

    As low as £4.43 £3.69
  6. Galvanised Large Bow Shackles BS3032

    As low as £5.18 £4.32
  7. Blue Pin Grade 6 Square Head Bow Shackle

    As low as £6.77 £5.64
  8. Crosby G-209 Forged Screw Pin Anchor Sha...

    As low as £7.07 £5.89
  9. Green Pin Square Head Bow Shackles

    As low as £8.11 £6.76
  10. Stainless Steel Bow Shackle With Collar ...

    As low as £8.86 £7.38
  11. Crosby S-209T Theatrical Black Shackles

    As low as £8.96 £7.47
  12. Green Pin Square Sunken Hole Bow Shackle

    As low as £11.22 £9.35
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