Wireless Load Monitoring


LES offer a superb range of Wireless Load Monitoring Crane Scales, Load Cells, Shackles, Compression Cells that reflects high quality, while still maintaining value for money, quick delivery and optimum reliability.

We supply from the top manufacturers such as Straight Point, Tractel and Yale.

Our huge variety boasts products from market leaders that are lightweight, compact in design and feature innovative technology while encased in the most robust and built-to-last enclosures to protect them from particular environments such as outdoors. Unmatched battery life sets our range apart from alternatives.


Wireless Load Monitoring RANGE

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  1. Straightpoint Wireless And Cabled Digita...

    As low as £631.20 £526.00
  2. Yale TZR Crane Weigher (with Remote Cont...

    As low as £1,608.70 £1,340.58
  3. StraightPoint Wireless Loadshackle

    As low as £1,826.40 £1,522.00
  4. Tractel Dynafor Expert Wireless Digital ...

    As low as £2,396.40 £1,997.00
  5. Straightpoint Radiolink Plus Wireless Lo...

    As low as £2,818.80 £2,349.00
  6. Straightpoint CableSafe Rope Tension Met...

    As low as £3,142.80 £2,619.00
  7. Yale TKR Crane Weigher (with Remote Cont...

    As low as £3,740.95 £3,117.46
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Wireless load monitoring is a modern technology that enables the measurement and monitoring of loads or forces acting on a particular structure, piece of equipment, or system without any need for physical or wired connections.

Wireless load monitoring typically utilises wireless sensors that can be attached to equipment in order to measure parameters such as weight, strain, and other relevant outlined factors. These sense then transmit data wirelessly to a central monitoring system, where information can be scrutinised.


Wireless load monitoring systems are most commonly used in various industrial and commercial applications, ensuring safety, efficiency, productivity, and performance. These systems can be deployed in the monitoring of heavy machinery, cranes, bridges, pipelines, and other critical infrastructures.

Through the delivery of real-time data, wireless load monitoring solutions can help detect abnormalities, potential failures, and overloads, assisting in the prevention of accidents and downtime.


These innovative systems offer several advantages including easy installation, flexibility in monitoring a wide range of paraments, and the ability to collect data from remote, hard-to-reach locations.

Additionally, wireless load monitoring can contribute to proactive maintenance strategies, enabling companies to take proactive measures before any catastrophic issues arise – always keeping you a step (or two) ahead.