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Lifting extremely heavy loads is part and parcel of many daily industrial tasks, and as always, with such a strenuous and dangerous task, operating with the correct equipment is essential in achieving optimal productivity, efficiency, and most importantly, safety.

At Lifting equipment store, we guarantee that introducing a lifting or spreader beam to your arsenal will pay dividends on operations, and as with all of our product ranges, we have access to the best and most reliable products on the market, from leading brands such as Modulift and Britlift – from 4 tonnes right up to a staggering 70 tonnes.

Lifting & Spreader Beams RANGE

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  1. Modulift MOD6 6 Tonne Modular Spreader B...

    As low as £660.16 £550.13
  2. Britlift 4 Tonne Modular Spreader Beam

    As low as £762.00 £635.00
  3. Modulift MOD12 12 Tonne Modular Spreader...

    As low as £828.49 £690.41
  4. Britlift 8 Tonne Modular Spreader Beam

    As low as £858.00 £715.00
  5. Britlift 13 Tonne Modular Spreader Beam

    As low as £948.00 £790.00
  6. Britlift 24 Tonne Modular Spreader Beam

    As low as £1,668.00 £1,390.00
  7. Modulift MOD24 24 Tonne Modular Spreader...

    As low as £1,792.00 £1,493.33
  8. Britlift 34 Tonne Modular Spreader Beam

    As low as £1,848.00 £1,540.00
  9. Modulift MOD34 34 Tonne Modular Spreader...

    As low as £2,140.33 £1,783.61
  10. Britlift 50 Tonne Modular Spreader Beam

    As low as £2,292.00 £1,910.00
  11. Modulift MOD50 50 Tonne Modular Spreader...

    As low as £2,555.89 £2,129.91
  12. Britlift 70 Tonne Modular Spreader Beam

    As low as £2,820.00 £2,350.00
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We often find that people don’t really understand the difference between the two – and yes, there is a difference. Both Lifting & Spreader Beam systems are designed to distribute the weight of the load to provide stability when lifting objects but in slightly different ways. So here’s what you need to know.


A lifting beam is a rigid, horizontal structure that is used to support and lift heavy loads. It is a type of below-the-hook lifting device commonly deployed in material handling and construction applications.

The typical design of a lifting beam includes a long, straight beam with attachment points at each end for connecting to a crane or other lifting device. The load is typically attached to the lifting beam through additional attachment points along its length, allowing for proper balance and control throughout the lifting phase.

Lifting beams are particularly useful when lifting loads that have a large span or are awkwardly shaped, making it challenging to use conventional lifting methods. Lifting beams add more control to your lifts and assist in preventing unwanted damage.


A Spreader Beam is a lifting device that is used to assist in lifting and positioning of heavy/awkward loads. Similar to a lifting beam, a spreader beam is designed to provide stability and balance during you lifting operations.

However, the key difference is that a spreader bar has a central attachment point for the lifting device – such as a crane or hoist – and typically features further attachment points on each end for connecting the load.

The primary purpose of a spreader bar is to spread the lifting slings/chains apart in order to create a more stable configuration for lifting load or wide loads. By distributing the load weight over a larger area, a spreader beam helps to prevent the load from tipping during the lifting phase.


As with all of our product range, we aim to offer you only the best and most reliable options. And our selection of lifting and spreader bars is no different.

From the best manufacturers on the market – Modulift and Britlift – our range comes in various configurations, from 4 tonnes right up to 70 tonnes, providing you with solutions to accommodate and load size or shape imaginable.