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At Lifting Equipment Store UK, we offer high-quality Load Arrest Systems, including the G.Guard from the renowned brand Globestock.

Ranging from 300kg lifting capacities, right up to 1.5 Tonnes, with working lengths of up to 25m, we can offer stainless steel and galvanised versions, as well as matte black variants accommodating for theatrical and entertainment environments.  All of our load arrestors conform to the European Directive 2006/42/EC.

Adding a Load Arrestor to your safety equipment arsenal not only lowers the risk of equipment damage but also, more importantly, that of your workforce - As we always say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Your safety is our primary concern.

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Utilised in conjunction with a primary lifting application such as a crane or hoist, Fall Arrest Systems have been designed to offer the correct support should your primary lifting device fail.

Implemented as a last resort, these products can be simply compared to the functionality of a seatbelt – when it receives a certain amount of force, it will automatically lock into place.

When your primary device fails, and the load begins to decent, a Load Arrestor senses that the load is travelling at a ‘falling speed’ therefore the mechanical brake activates. Upon activation, the load instantly, yet safely, slows down until the complete suspension of the load occurs, before hitting the ground below.