Wire Rope Steel Cable


Wire ropes also known as steel cable constitute of three main components, wires, stands and core. The core can consist of fibre (FC) or independent wire rope core (IWRC). 

The wires are essentially sourced and manufactured from high-carbon steel. Wire ropes are popular in the oil and gas industry due to having such high tensile strength and flexibility. Fatigue resistant is an outshining factor in wire ropes, with quick regain of original shape after a lift. They can also be manufactured with other materials such as stainless steels for corrosion resistance and is aesthetics, bronze for spark resistance. Plastic coatings are available upon request. Note that this coating can affect the breaking strength and possibly flexibility.

We can supply complete drums of wire rope up to 1000m and supply all the end terminations and fitting required.


Wire Rope Steel Cable RANGE

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