Crane Forks


With up to 5000kg lifting capacity which pretty much covers any palletised goods Crane Forks seriously improve efficiency and save you having to manually transport goods using pallet trucks or even bare hands, turning a lengthy job in to a light breeze.

Crane Forks create the ultimate on-site solution for handling large palletised materials about an area using a mobile crane or hoist. Available in manual or automatic (self weight) format which enables the Crane Forks to automatically adjust depending on the weight loaded, whereas with manual balance Crane Forks one must adjust the angle of the forks by setting the masterlink in to the correct position. Regardless of the type, the mast level and tines are fully adjustable to accomodate different sized loads. 

For further information and advice on how Crane Forks can improve your work efficiency, please contact a member of our sales team who will be happy to assist.

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  1. LES Self Balancing Crane Forks

    As low as £1,079.99 £899.99
  2. Camlok TKG-VH Manual Balance Crane Forks

    As low as £1,125.47 £937.89
  3. Camlok TKG-VHS Self Weight Balance Crane...

    As low as £1,354.54 £1,128.78
  4. Adjustable Pallet Crane Forks

    As low as £1,377.60 £1,148.00
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