Tool & Hazardous Goods Storage


With health and safety such a high priority, storing specialist tools and hazardous chemicals, such as flammable substances and harmful gases, is rightly subject to many different policies and regulations.

Within the law, many substances can be stored on site, some store outside, and quantities limits are often imposed. For example, did you know, according to the latest regulations, all storage cabinets must be designed to retain spills (110% volume of the largest vessel regularly stored in it or 25% of the total amount stored – whichever is greater); or flammable liquids must be kept in closed containers and stored in units

As you can tell, this can be a complicated subject, therefore we recommend doing your research, but also don’t hesitate to contact one of our trained Sales Team should you wish to discuss your options – as you can see, we have an extensive catalogue of products that sit under the Tools & Hazardous Chemical Storage umbrella.


Even without understanding the ins-and-outs of chemical substances, common sense tells you that there are dangerous risks involved. Armorgard’s ‘VICES’ strategy is a great place to start on your journey to making an informed decision on chemical storage. Take into consideration:

  • Is there plenty of fresh air where my flammable liquids are being stored and used? VENTILATION is essential
  • Have all the obvious IGNITION sources been removed from your storage and handling areas?
  • Are your substances CONTAINED in suitable units?
  • Can you EXCHANGE a flammable substance for something less aggressive?
  • Are your flammable substances SEPARATED correctly, kept away from other process and storage areas?


  • Store different flammable substances in separate areas or purpose-made cupboards/units
  • Dispense and use only in a safe place with good ventilation and zero source of ignition
  • Ensure storage containers are closed when not in use
  • Keep a spill kit to hand
  • Use disposal experts
  • Keep an adequate amount of fire extinguishers to hand