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Fezer Vacuum Handling Equipment and Vacuum Lifters are exclusively available in the UK from Lifting Equipment Store

These provide cost-effective innovative vacuum lifting solutions for the Automotive, Aerospace, Glass, Steel, Wood, Paper, Stone and Wind Power industries. Offering high-quality German manufacturing to stringent ISO 9001 compliant quality regulations. 

Lift up to 40,000kg with vacuum lifting technology, making light work of even the heaviest tasks. Fezer produces standardised lifters from 35kg for handling boxes, plates, glass, containers and many more. The range offers a superb variety of lifting attachments for particular tasks such as adjustable suction pads for different sized loads, hooks and clamps for lifting storage tubs and containers as well as on some models the ability to manipulate the load into a different position or to enable a horizontal attachment and lift of the load.

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Universal and Flexible, beautifully simplistic and easy to operate with just one hand for loads up to 200kg, supported by extremely powerful pumps and blowers generating lifting speeds of up to 50m/min, resulting in optimum performance, proven increases in productivity and reduced risk of repetitive strain injury. Perfect for lifting bags, sacks, MDF, plasterboard, boxes, crates, bottles, tanks, stone and more. Need high output435 Think VacuPowerlift.


Quicker ain't possible! This single-handed tube type vacuum lifter allows super fast suction, lifting and transportation, set-down and release of boxes, containers, wood, stone or sheet up to 40kg, perfect for production lines or applications where loads below 40kg are to be constantly moved within a localised area, often fitted to Fezer's aluminium jib cranes.


Standardised lifters for lifting and manipulating heavier plate-type loads with dense, flat or textured surfaces up to 2,000kg. VacuBoy lifters are mainly designed for horizontal transportation but can be designed to swivel and turn as well as offering full adjustment of suction pad positions. Ideal for feeding laser machines, handling tank containers as well as lifting and turning steel sheets. Available in cabled or battery and charger format.


Lifting up to 40,000kg, the VacuGiant are Fezer's largest capacity heavy duty vacuum lifters fit for intense environments and frequent heavy-duty use, easily safely lifting and handling the longest and widest sheets with the ability to swivel, turn and horizontal the most difficult to handle loads.


For split strips and paper rolls, specifically designed for gentle and safe handling of this type of load up to 10,000kg. Can also be integrated into automated processes.


Designed specifically for wood, raw planks and heavy beams or porous boards of all types. Handling up to 1000kg and in some cases items 24m in length, the VacuWood and VacuPoro lifters also offer swiveling up to 90 degrees while safety is maintained as with all via a backup system that will provide suction for a limited time while alerting one of a power or air pressure failure through illuminated beacons and audible tones.


The ultimate range of vacuum suction working stands, able to grip, lift, rotate, manipulate and transport parts and components around workshops and production lines, made to your exact specifications. Increase safety and productivity with Fezer VacuStands.


Our range of Fezer Vacuum handling equipment is manufactured to the highest quality in Germany and can be paired with various accessories such as lightweight aluminium Jib Cranes or lightweight overhead crane systems. For further information, quotations and site visits- please feel free to contact a member of our friendly sales team.