Hand Operated Wire Rope Winches


Our range of hand winches is so vast providing your with options to suit every application from domestic and home use to industrial lifting or pulling hand winches. 

We are confident you will find a winch to suit your requirements at the best price, if not just ask. We won't be beaten on price!

Please note: All hand winches are supplied without wire rope, for a wire rope quotation please contact our sales team today.

Hand Operated Wire Rope Winches RANGE

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  1. McKissick 418-419-404 Snatch Blocks

    As low as £171.72 £143.10
  2. 4x4 Towbar Recovery Swing Block

    £39.16 £32.63
  3. Lightweight Oil Industry Snatch Block- H...

    As low as £70.40 £58.67
  4. Lightweight Oil Industry Snatch Block- S...

    As low as £159.14 £132.62
  5. Tractel CaRol TS Manual Drum Worm Winch

    As low as £573.04 £477.53
  6. Yale PB Pulley Block

    As low as £136.36 £113.63
  7. Yale HW-C/CS Spur Gear Drive Manual Wire...

    As low as £74.41 £62.01
  8. Pfaff S20/S24 Hand Operated Gearboxes

    As low as £393.28 £327.73
  9. Pfaff DSRB Sheave Blocks

    As low as £126.78 £105.65
  10. Pfaff Silberblau LAMBDA BGV C1 Hand Winc...

    As low as £1,933.52 £1,611.27
  11. Pfaff Silberblau Stainless Steel LB Base...

    As low as £607.76 £506.47
  12. Pfaff Silberblau LB Base/Column Mounted ...

    As low as £212.21 £176.84
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