loadguard BGV D8+ -German Safety Regulation Rigging Hoist

Electric Chain Hoists/Rigging Motors to BGV D8+ Germany safety standard. 
This is the standard for hoists with special characteristics of being able to hold loads at rest above people without using a secondary safety component.

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Manufactured in Switzerland the Loadguard BGV D8+ Rigging Motor features outstandingly robust construction combined with a huge range of innovative features such as upper and lower limit switches, direct or pendant controlled. We can propose a full package solution to include encoders, controllers, wiring and hoists to suit your requirements.

Hoists to this standard allow the following with people below:

  • Load holding when loads are static


Hoist to this standard Do Not allow when people are below:

  • Assembly/disassembly during setup 
  • Staging processes involving movement.


The following features are required to meet this standard:

  • Two brakes (requires three phase power)
  • Over load monitoring via a load cell- shutdown. a friction clutch is permitted if it is not within the load path when the electric chain hoist is disconnected from the power supply.
  • 10:1 Safety factor.


Additional hoist features include:

  • Lifting capacities from 200kg-2500kg
  • Low voltage control as standard however direct control is available
  • Various speed ranges from slow to super fast!
  • Overload device mounted outside drive train to ensure load is not compromised in the event of clutch problems.
  • 5-6 pocket load wheels = reduced noise
  • Mechanical stops 
  • Upright or inverted usage
  • Black hoist and chain
  • Lightweight robust design- ideal for entertainment applications (200kg hoist weighs 18.5kg)
  • 400v 3ph 50hz Power supply