Low Height Forklift Tipping Skip

  • Ideally positioned at the end of a conveyor, dross shoot or manufacturing line
  • Ultra-low height
  • Optional automatic dumping

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Low Height Forklift Tipping Skip Standard Features - 


  • Positive heel pin retention 
  • Double pressed returns on the bodyside
  • 4-way entry, four fork pocket chassis, two located on each side so that you can enter the skip from any direction and tip into awkward locations
  • Manual locking catch to assist retention spring prevents accidental unloading
  • Fully welded body to prevent leakage
  • Manual handle discharges the skip (you can also upgrade to automatic dumping which gives you both manual and automatic functionality) 


Forklift Tipping Skip Optional Extras -


  • 3rd Drop-down menu: Automatic tipping function- a demonstration is shown in the video
  • Crane lifting lugs
  • Colour finish for waste department segregation
  • Laser-cut branding or logos
  • Lids to stop smaller debris and loose items from flying away
  • Alternate colours (Please call)
  • 125mm diameter nylon castors (braked or unbraked)


Forklift Skips With Lids offer a great solution to holding granular or loose debris that the wind will easily blow away. Our lid solutions are permanently secured to the skip and hinged at the mid-point so it folds back on itself- naturally, as the skip tips, the lid will open due to gravity and the goods inside also assist with pushing the lid open. There is also a handle fitted to the end of the lid to facilitate easy access. 

Model Capacity (kg) Weight (kg) C of G (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) LLC (mm)
ILUS-1 0.7 215 630 1380 910 540 (Add 160 mm to height to give overall skip height ) Fork Length - 530  
ILUS-2 1 245 650 1380 1300 540 (Add 160 mm to height to give overall skip height ) Fork Length - 530