Magnetek Flex WAVE Replacement Handsets

  • Spare/Replacement Magnetek Flex WAVE Handset (choose from Flex 4, 6, 8 or 12 WAVE models)
  • Robust industrial design
  • Operates any hoist with two motions 
  • Emergency Stop button 

Estimated Lead Time to Dispatch

2-3 Days
As low as £593.68 £494.73
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The Magnetek Flex WAVE Radio Control System has been designed and constructed to be extremely robust and durable for use in industrial environments. A unique feature of the standard package is that each Flex WAVE system comes complete with two handsets, this ensures minimal downtime as the operator can charge one unit while using the other, or should one be subject to accidental damage then there is always a spare at hand ready to go. In some cases one transmitter (or even both) might require replacement from misuse, making the Magnetek Flex WAVE handset an ideal like for like replacement pre-configured to your existing system to avoid downtime and get production back up and running.


When ordering we will contact you to confirm the original handset serial number and channel codes which can be found on the reverse of the handset or by opening up the back of the handset and checking the serial number on the I-Chip. Following this confirmation, your replacement/spare Flex WAVE Handset will be delivered in 1-3 working days, alternatively, contact our sales team for an installation quotation.

Please check if you have a Magnetek system (this will be on the front of the handset) or a standard Magnetek system - if a Magnetek system please advise our sales team when ordering as the frequency will need to be altered for you.

Which model do I have?

Number of Buttons Model
4 Flex 4 WAVE
8 Flex 8 WAVE
12 Flex 12 WAVE

*1 x Handset only

Package Includes 

  • Flex WAVE Handset (up to 12 buttons depending on the model)
  • Legend Sheet
  • Programming to an existing serial number and channel if requested