Economy Load Moving Skates


Introducing our range of Economy Machine and Load Moving Skates, perfectly suited to those less high intense applications, but continuing to provide excellent levels of performance, efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Are you sick of paying premium prices for those lower-intensity tasks? Well, here at Lifting Equipment Store, we have the answer.

Both our LES® and Steerman Economy ranges of Moving Skates and Machine Rollers are very well respected across the industry, today utilised in every type of facility imaginable - In short, they’re a very popular choice amongst our customers that are in the market to save more on their material handling equipment without cutting any corners.

Why not take a few minutes to browse our complete range, which includes Fixed and Steerable Machine Skates, 360-degree rotating models, and rear adjusting variants - a solution for all your Load Moving requirements.

Economy Load Moving Skates RANGE

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  1. LES Single Machine Moving Skate

    As low as £41.34 £34.45
  2. Fixed Wheel Load Moving Skate

    As low as £69.73 £58.11
  3. LES 3,000kg - 12,000kg Steerable Skates

    As low as £100.44 £83.70
  4. LES Steerable Moving Skate with Casters

    As low as £102.96 £85.80
  5. Steerman Steerable Skates LX Series

    As low as £143.48 £119.57
  6. Steerman Steerable Moving Skates LFL

    As low as £236.44 £197.03
  7. Rotating Machinery Moving Skate 360° Do...

    As low as £242.40 £202.00
  8. LES 6,000kg - 24,000kg Rear Adjusting Sk...

    As low as £264.00 £220.00
  9. Steerman Adjustable Skate LX Series (Rea...

    As low as £277.49 £231.24
  10. LES Machine Moving Skate Kit

    As low as £299.98 £249.98
  11. Steerman LX Machine Moving Skate Kit

    As low as £392.24 £326.87
  12. Steerman SCS Caterpillar Skates

    As low as £471.76 £393.13
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