Electric Powered Pallet Trucks


Pallet trucks are one of the most commonly used items across pretty much every industry sector.

Pallet trucks come in a wide range of sizes and lifting capacities, but whats more, have moved on from the conventional manual hand variations, now available in electric powered versions, making moving pallets a breeze.

Simple to operate, use the handle to drive, manoeuvre, lift or lower your material load into the required position, enabling you to place your pallets in the area where they need to be.

Lifting Equipment Store now provides a premium range of Electric Powered Pallet Trucks (also known as Pump Trucks) – designed to significantly improve efficiency and productivity, while reducing risk and increasing employee welfare – one pallet at a time.

With a range of models for both light and heavy-duty applications, we have maintenance-free motor options, batteries, and an extensive ex-stock availability of spare parts, one thing that we can guarantee is that your Electric Pallet Truck from Lifting Equipment Store will not disappoint.

Electric Powered Pallet Trucks RANGE

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  1. PRAMAC EX15L Electric Pallet Trucks

    As low as £1,911.46 £1,592.88
  2. PRAMAC Agile Electric Drive Pallet Truck...

    As low as £1,911.46 £1,592.88
  3. PRAMAC HX10E Electric High Scissor Lift ...

    As low as £2,242.45 £1,868.71
  4. PRAMAC CX12 Electric Pallet Trucks

    As low as £3,026.58 £2,522.15
  5. Pfaff Premium Electric Pallet Truck

    £3,638.62 £3,032.18
  6. PRAMAC CX14 Electric Pallet Trucks

    As low as £4,536.18 £3,780.15
  7. Pfaff EGU Heavy Duty Electric Pallet Tru...

    As low as £7,042.74 £5,868.95
  8. PRAMAC QX20 Pedestrian Ride-on Electric ...

    As low as £7,193.46 £5,994.55
  9. Pfaff EGV PSL Pedestrian Electric Drive ...

    As low as £8,175.68 £6,813.07
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