Novawinch HW Army Hydraulic Truck Winch

  • Heavy-duty 
  • Watertight & compact
  • Range from 8kN - 25kN
  • Meets EN14492-1:2006
  • Wire rope capacity up to 60M

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The winch that promises to stand to attention and be battle-ready... 

Looking for a winch that is heavy-duty, rugged and ready to go to battle whatever the challenge? Look no further...

The Novawinch HW Series hydraulic winch is the most powerful of them all and it needs to be! Designed and developed for military use this small but mighty winch can handle anything thrown it's way. Whether it be recovering, hauling or towing any military vehicle from scout vehicles, tour vehicles to tanks. Yes, that's right we said tanks! 

Manufactured to the highest of qualities and conforming to industry-standard EN14492-1:2006 you can rest assured this is a piece of equipment that will not let you down when you need it the most. With optimal features such as; an oil bath gearbox offering optimum functionality and efficiency, super watertight construction and internal anti-rubber seals this winch has everything you could need to work and function in those often tricky military situations or operations. 

Now we know what you may be thinking, isn't this winch going to be awful bulky and large? 

Well, that's another brilliant design of the HW series, the hydraulic motor and automatic brake assembly is half-hidden in the winch drum. Offering a compact design and making this winch super easy to mount on any, military vehicle. Engineering at its finest we are sure you will agree... 

  • Manufactured to EN14492-1:2006
  • High torque hydraulic motor
  • 3 stage planetary gearbox 
  • Compact & Robust design
  • Wire rope capacity greater than 60m
  • Two mounting holes on the drum for safety operation
  • Self-adjusting gear design for optimal efficiency and pulling capability 
  • Winch mechanical structure reaches 1.25 times the winch rated line pull

Layer of cable Rated Line Pull Layer Rated Line Pull Layer Line Speed Line Speed Wire Rope Capacity per layer
1 220000lbs 9980kg 18fpm 5.5mpm 12m
2 19306lbs 8757kg 20.6fpm 6.2mpm 28m
3 17200lbs 7802kg 23.2fpm 7mpm 46m
4 15508lbs 7034kg 25.9fpm 7.8mpm 65m