Novawinch T-Series 12v Electric ATV UTV Winch

  • Single line capacities up to 4500lbs (2043kg)
  • Connects to 12V DC supply
  • Includes 4-way roller fairlead
  • IP67 protected motor and gearbox
  • Includes wire rope with hook

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Exploring on a UTV or ATV vehicle can at time prove a little tricky... 

Whether it be wading through that pool of water that was a little deeper than you initially thought. Or, perhaps that patch of wet ground that's a little stickier than usual! We know you want to keep things moving... 

Introducing the Novawinch T-Series 12v Electric ATV UTV Winch designed and developed with UTV's and ATV's solely in mind. Mountable, durable and hard-wearing this winch performs to the highest standard time and time again, whilst fitting the aesthetics of your vehicle.

Discreet and sleek the winch promises to fit your vehicle perfectly because no one wants an oversized clunky winch bouncing around or upsetting the look of your pride and joy are we right?!

What sets the Novawinch T-Series 12v Electric ATV UTV Winch apart from the rest? 

Complete with a 12v supply, chrome-plated spool control avoids corrosion resistance the winch is easy to connect to your vehicle and will stand the test of time. With IP67 motor and gearbox ensuring protection against ingress of dust and water jets.

Controlled via a rocker switch wired control switch and fixed to a durable base mounting plate for easy fitting to your vehicle whilst remaining secure over that often rough terrain.

Fitted with a 4-way fairlead reducing cable wear, along with a contactor, cable assembly kit and supplied with either wire rope or synthetic rope this item promises to offer everything you could need to keep those wheels turning. 


Available with either wire rope as standard or with synthetic rope as an optional choice. ----->

What is a straight line pull?

A straight line pull is a direct attachment from the winch to the anchorage point in one single straight line, with no angles, twists or bends from point A to point B


Configuring your winch...

It is key to keep in mind that you should always look to pull in a straight line with no angles as this greatly reduces the risk of uneven winding on the drum of the winch along with additional stress on the motor. 

Of course, any winch can be increased in capacity by altering the configuration often including such things as pulley blocks or anchorage points. 

A few examples below..

Introducing a pulley block into the configuration can have additional benefits such as relief on the motor, winch and all components involved along with increasing the load capacity.

When double lining the pulley block used should be rated to a minimum of 2x the winch pull line rating.

The initial straight line pull should still remain straight pull only from winch to pulley block! Maintaining the relief of stress and strain on the winch and its mechanisms.

  • Positive contacts for the cool running of the winch.
  • Meets SAE J706 standard and is CE marked and approved. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing on any vehicle, easy to fit with a two control vox design.
  • Free spool control finished in a chrome plating eliminating chances of corrosion whilst allowing easier free spooling.
  • Long-life operation ensured with a sealed body & drum seals reduce the risk of unwanted dirt or water entering the workings.


Key things to keep in mind when operating your winch:


  • Place your vehicle in neutral, apply the parking brake and chock all 4 wheels.
  • Your engine should be running to ensure the battery has constant power.
  • Never use your winch in a situation of lacking voltage.
  • Do not disconnect free pools clutch when your winch is under load.
  • After operation release, the load, do not continue to leave the winch or rope under tension or pressure.
  • Always stand clear of the wire rope, hook and winch
  • Never place your fingers near mechanisms or around potential pinch zones in operation or when active, 
  • Disconnect the clutch first then use the hand saver bar to pull the wire rope and hitch hook.
  • Do not pull the wire rope using your fingers directly through the hook.
  • Should there be something wrong at any point cut the battery and power then check immediately? 
  • All correct PPE should be worn when operating or using the winch.
  • Regular maintenance of your winch can extend the life expectancy and functionality when in operation. 
  • Do not lift vertically. 
  • Do not move people.

Model Rated Line Pull Motor Gear Train Gear Ratio Clutch Braking Action Fairlead Wire Rope Drum Size Dimensions Bolt Pattern Net Weight (with wire rope)
NVT2500/2500i 2500lbs(1135kgs)single line DC 12V: 2.4hp/1.8kW 3 stage planetary gear 180:1 Sliding ring gear Mechanical, Automatic load holding 4-way roller fairlead 3/16″x45.9′(<1>4.8mmx 14m) 1.73″x3.15″(44mmx80mm)
13.4″x4 .4″x6.3″(341 mmx113mmx 160mm)
4.9″x3″(124mmx76.2mm) 26Ibs(11.8kgs)
NVT3500/3500i 3500Ibs(1589kgs)single line DC 12V: 2.9hp/2.2kW 3 stage planetary gear 180:1 Sliding ring gear Mechanical, Automatic load holding 4-way roller fairlead 13164″x45J<1>5mmx13.7m) 1.73″x3.15″(44mmx80mm) 13.1 “x4.44″•4.76″(334mmx 113mmx 121 mm) 13.6″x4.44″x6.3″(346mmx113mmx160mm) 4.9″x3″(124mmx76.2mm) 26.4Ibs(12kgs)
NVT4500/4500i 4500Ibs(2043kgs)single line DC 12V:3.0hp/2.2kW 3 stage planetary gear 180:1 Sliding ring gear Mechanical, Automatic load holding 4-way roller fairlead 7/32″x55.8J<1>5.4mmx17ml 1.73″x4.88″(44mmx124mm) 14.88″•4.44″•4.76″(386mmx113mm•121mm) 15.6Tx4.44″x6.3″(398mmx113mmx160mm) 6.6″x3″(168mmx76.2mm) 30.6Ibs(13.9kgs)