Pfaff EGV PSL Pedestrian Electric Drive Stackers

  • Four models available
  • Pedestrian electric drive stackers
  • Capacities 1000-1200kg

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Pfaff offers four models in their EGV PSL Pedestrian electric drive stacker range: 1016, 1225, 1229 and 1235.

All of the models are electric drive and electric lift stackers designed to perform the same role however the dimensions and lifting capacities of each model differ slightly (please see table below). The capacities and different height configurations offered by the stackers in this range will suit most loading and unloading tasks.

All models boast outstanding versatility, strength and reliability making them the obvious choice to satisfy the high demands of handling and warehouse professionals.

Model EGV PSL 1235 II 192033616
Lift Capacity 1200kg
Height (mast retracted) 2250mm
Free Lift 80mm
Stroke 3410mm
Height (mast extended) 3916mm
Fork height max. 3500mm
Fork height lowered 915/1390mm
Overall unit length 1760mm
Overall unit width 800mm
Fork height 70mm
Fork width 150mm
Fork length 1150mm
Outside dimension of forks 560mm
Aisle width pallet  2210mm
Turning circle radius 1430mm



* Supplied with 2 x 85Ah batteries and charger as standard, semi traction battery available as an optional extra.