Probst Safeflex SF Stone Clamp

  • Clamping range: 30-160mm
  • Height adjustable grid: 10mm
  • Non-slip mat
  • Suitable for right and left handed users

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1 day
£238.54 £198.78

Always think ‘SAFETY FIRST’ – Probst’s Safeflex (SF) brick clamp is an innovative clamping fixture device designed specifically to safely secure bricks and slabs before cutting.


Reducing the risks associated with cutting, as well as providing cleaner more precise cuts, the Safeflex makes cutting with an angle grinder easier and safer.


Operation is ever-so easy! To secure your building materials, simply push on the top of the clamp element with one foot. Once foot is removed from the non-slip tread, a spring pushes the clamping elements part and the building material can be pulled out.


A German-patented design, Safeflex features a non-slip mat prevent stones from slipping sideways, and can be height adjusted by simply turning 4 screws at the bottom, while it can also be adjusted for stone thicknesses of 10mm.


Suitable for both right- and left-hand operators, the Safeflex can be easily transported as its much smaller than a conventional wet cutting bench.


In addition, smaller offcuts can be secured easily, and there’s no risk to your cutting tool as the wheel is positioned to never hit the ground.