Red Rooster Top Hook Suspension 250kg Mini Air Hoist

  • Compact and lightweight body
  • ATEX zone 2 specification
  • Toku rotary vane motor
  • Robust epicycle gearbox
  • Failsafe automatic internal disc brake
  • Optional: push, geared and pneumatic trollies available on POA

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The Red Rooster TCR series particularly concentrates on making their air hoists compact and lightweight. Like in previous series the key features are the same but this series also emphases the need for top quality metal and safety catches to ensure no loads fall unwillingly.


What are Air hoists?

Air hoists are ideal for petrochemical projects and other hazardous working environments as they reduce the possibility of accidents caused by sparking. This is their main benefit since they are the best option to use if there is potential for sparks to occurring during the lift process.


The lifting machine can be operated via a pull cord or pendant control for easy use and to ensure that the user can operate the hoist at a safe distance. Make sure there is only one operated at a time to avoid any injuries from occurring.


Keeping the risk of injury or accidents to you and your team to a minimum is essential on every project and these air hoists from Red Rooster are a great way to ensure that that risk is decreased for you and your team.


What Are trolleys?

Trolleys are important tools in helping reduce hazardous tasks that can lead to injuries. This is why they go hand in hand with air hoists since these types of hoists are also used to reduce accidents.  Construction trolleys are used to transport and carry heavy loads. These trolleys are often used in warehouses and other construction type industries.


Variations and weights available?

  • At LES we offer a range of capacities and weight for you to choose from in the Red Rooster range.
  • The TCR series air hoists range from 250kg-15000kg and have 1-5 fall chains to ensure your load stays secure and stable.
  • As with any variation of air hoists the speeds will vary depending on the models so check the spec for further details.
  • Some of our models have an automatic load limiter to ensure you stay safe and to help your air hoists stay within its capacity.


How do you use air hoists and safety measure to take?

Air hoists should only be operated by a competent person to avoid any injuries from occurring. This product is intended to lift or support materials only and have all the required safety features such as; load brakes, emergency stop and shock protection, and hook latch and limit switch.


Daily checks of the air hoist braking function, emergency stop, and lifting / lowering limits should be performed you should bring in an inspector to check everything is working accordingly. For example, an inspector would look at your chains to see if see if they are lubricated.


To avoid underperformance or overloading, the air hoist is operated at a 4 or 6 bar system pressure as stated in the specifications. This means you and your workers do not have to worry about the possibility of overloading. For maximum performance the air supply must be clean and dry for the air hoist to operate properly.


At LES, we have sourced products that comply with the European Machinery Directive and are all CE marked. You can be assured that this product is of high quality and safe to use. Always make sure that only one person operates machinery at a time and that the area around the hoists are clear just in case the load falls. This is to prevent any injuries from occurring.


If you need any further guidance on any of our products, please feel free to contact a member of the LES team and we will happily find a suitable solution for you.


Looking for extras?

We can also supply the following on POA. Contact our sales office for more info:

Push trolley with built-in link plate: Product Code TCR250-PT2

Geared trolley with built-in link plate: Product Code TCR250-GT2

Pneumatic trolley with built-in link plate: TCR250-AT2

  • Compact and lightweight body
  • ATEX zone 2 specification
  • Toku rotary vane motor
  • Robust epicycle gearbox
  • Failsafe automatic internal disc brake
  • Mechanical upper & lower switches
  • Aluminium housing
  • Internal silencing down to 83 dB(A)
  • Alloy safety swivel hooks with safety catch
  • Load chain 4 x 12mm of European manufacture to EN818-7





Chain falls


Lifting speed with full load

9.3  without load: 19 lowering speed: 17.9

Air consumption lifting


Air consumption lowering


Working pressure


Air connection


Minimum hose DIA


Weight 3M hol


Additional Meter hol