Stahl Big Bag Electric Chain Hoist

The Stahl Big Bag electrically powered chain hoist has been designed with Big Bag lifting in mind. Featuring free choice of distance between the load hook and chain hoist unit, enabling the unit to lift bulky and heavy loads such as big bags up to the top hook position without any obstruction such as a troley, hoist unit or chain box/slack chain. Safe working loads up to 3200kg, this unit can be specified as explosion proof when ordering.

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The hoisting unit is brightly colored for safety purposes (usually in standard Stahl green and black). Lightweight and compact, this easy to install hoist can be up and running in just a few moments. Most units come complete with chain box for storing slack load chain when the load is being hoisted upwards towards the unit. The low voltage pendant control sits lightly in the hand and is simple and efficient to operate making this hoist unit a pleasure to use.

  • Safe working load from 125kg-3,200kg 
  • Most units complete with slack chain storage box
  • Fitted to electric trolley
  • Patented suspension directly on chain guide
  • All models complete with two (2) lifting speeds (dual speed)
  • Extremely compact construction 
  • High standard classification in accordance with FEM regulations
  • High duty cycle and number of switching operations

Featuring a low-maintenance, asbestos free electromagnetic disk brake to reduce your companies lifting maintenance costs, it is important you look after hoisting units to ensure a long efficient life span.
Brake wear can be measured and checked ensuring the hoist is long lived, this advanced pedicel of technology ables the hoist to remain safe when inching loads slowly when near ground level, this can be a useful feature as some hoists will not cope with this amount of stress on a regular basis. The totally enclosed brake ensures no dust, humidity or vapors can pass through the exterior.

The powerful Stahl motor boasts a high duty cycle enabling the hoist to be continually used for longer periods of time. Cooled by a fan as standard this hoist features dual speed hoisting and travel to ensure loads are positioned accurately. (Single speed and four-pole versions are available as options).

Chain Drive
Superior quality and patented technology has birthed the Stahl ST chain drive, complete with self lubricated enclosed chain guide, the water-resistant case hardened chain sprocket ensures reduced wear and tear on the chain in conjunction with optimized return sheaves.

Control Gear
The control gear on this hoist in fully specifiable when ordering a hoist unit, we can customize a unit to operate on any given voltage*. Featuring a simple 'plug and go' method for connection of pendant control and travel motor. Available with direct control, no pendant control and (or) contactor control.

Chain Boxes
There are three different options for chain collecting boxes. Plastic, Sheet Steel or Textile material can be requested.

Load Chain
The surface-hardened, galvanized load chain provides long service life with its high case depth. Large dimensioned, high FEM classification. Stainless steel load chains are available as a option.

Slipping Clutch
An important safety feature of the safety conscious Stahl hoist is it's slipping clutch, preventing the load from slipping in events such as power failure- something to consider in all environments. Easily adjusted from the exterior creating a precise response where no electric limiting is required. Various gear reductions available.

Optional Extras

  • Radio control operation
  • Limit switch
  • Bypass brake (second brake for increased safety)
  • Vibration Damper
  • Digital Load Display
  • Slipping clutch test device.

For more information or to order please contact our sales department.