Stainless Steel Fixed Snap Shackle

  • Marine grade
  • AISI 316 
  • Captive spring-loaded pin

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Similar to the stainless steel swivel snap shackle this product offers all the great benefits but for those of you looking for this shackle without the swivel feature then this one is for you. Fitted with a spring-loaded captive pin means the pin can never be lost or misplaced which is a great feature. The functionality of this shackle is super simple, to attach this product the user will pull the split ring situated at the rear of the shackle to remove the pin from the pivoting arm of the shackle, this can now be attached to the desired location. As soon as it is where the user requires they will push the pivoting arm back to its first position and release the split ring which in turn will return the spring-loaded pin back to its locking position. The pin slots into the pivoting arm of the shackle for a secure and safe fit. 

Marine grade

Captive spring-loaded pin

Corrosion resistant

Overall Length A E M.B.L. (KN) Part Code
52mm 13mm 9mm 12.7 SSFSS52
66mm 16mm 12mm 17.6 SSFSS66
96mm 22mm 16mm 32.6 SSFSS96