Stainless Steel Lockable Split Ring

  • Lockable
  • Simple open & close
  • Marine-grade
  • Secure fixing

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The term lockable is one of reassurance and comfort for anyone, so why not look to use the lockable split ring for your marine applications. Produced from high-grade AISI 316 stainless steel completely lockable and secure this item offers some great features. Simple locking and unlocking can be performed on this ring by the user unscrewing the pin using the relevant Allen key, this, in turn, will allow the ring to be opened, now address the position or point you wish to attach to then close the pin to its original position. Finally screw the relevant pin back into the ring using the Allen key and your ring is now secure and fastened.

Lockable & secure

High-grade stainless steel 

Corrosion & rust resistant


d D Part code
6mm 30mm SSLSR06
8mm 35mm SSSR08