Stainless Steel Rigging Screw Jaw & Jaw

  • Polished Finish AISI 316
  • Marine Grade
  • A4 Stainless Steel
  • Closed Body Rigging Screw with a Jaw and Jaw or known as Fork and Fork
  • Also Known as Tensioners, Barrel Strainers, Turnbuckles or Adjusters

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Take out the clevis pin by removing the safety cotter pin and adjust the screws accordingly 

Used in wire rope and rigging assemblies

Thread diameters available from 5mm up to 20mm

Minimum breaking load is for guidance only, not to be used in lifting.

Thread Diameter D L W M.B.L. (KN) Part Code
M5 5mm 130mm 6.5mm 5.6 SSRSJJ05
M6 6mm 150mm 7.5mm 7.7 SSRSJJ06
M8 8mm 165mm 11.0mm 13.9 SSRSJJ08
M10 9mm 190mm 12.0mm 21.8 SSRSJJ10
M12 12mm 245mm 14.0mm 32.0 SSRSJJ12
M16 16mm 310mm 17.0mm 57.0 SSRSJJ16
M20 19mm 360mm 20.0mm 89.0 SSRSJJ20


MATERIAL Stainless steel
FINISH Polished